B2B2C Deployment

"Go Drone!" is a B2B2C product offered in our innovative Drone-as-a-Service (DaaS) solution for SMB or larger companies to provide short-term drone services (typically 3-5 minutes) for their own visitors or users on premises to take selfie video by drone in the air. This can create new add-on features, for significant revenue-increase opportunities, while the drone-usage security is kept in full control by our customer's authority through their DaaS configuration.

With "Go Drone!" deployment on site, the visitors can use our Everduit App (iOS & Android, free download) to request for a drone to come and take a selfie video (typically in 3-5 minutes) in the designated region with geofence enforced by the DaaS settings. After the use, the drone automatically returns.

During the 3-5 minutes, the visitor who used App to summon the drone will be able to maneuver the drone easily using the same App. Since the drone is limited within the geofence already set up by the DaaS configuration with careful design at the deployment, the visitor does not have to worry if the drone will fly or get trapped somewhere it shouldn't!

The best part of Go Drone is that the drone comes and leaves (after the 3-5 minutes usage) in fully automated way!

It's Your Revenue.

How to charge the visitors (or not) for the Go Drone service on the commercial site is totally determined by the local business who deploys Go Drone. This is configurable for each of our B2B customers, and the decisions are theirs. So are the revenues.


"Go Drone!" package includes:

  1. Initial planning for the DaaS deployment on premise.
  2. Initial setup of hardware & software for the DaaS deployment on premise.
  3. Basic training of on-site staffs to manage the system on the regular basis.
  4. Service contract renewable year-over-year for IT support & troubleshooting.
  5. Options to upgrade services, modify/add new services, customization, and integration with third-party systems.

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User Experiences

Best Practices

Cloud Storage & Access

The visitors who use Go Drone to take selfie video on our customer site will have their HD video clips available in minutes, and can access their own videos from cloud storage 24/7 from anywhere. The cloud storage is included in our Go Drone! package to temporarily store those videos for 1-2 weeks to be downloaded.

With customization options, the cloud storage location can also be configured for each deployment, such that the videos are directly uploaded to and stored at third-party cloud storage systems via RESTful API at our customer's choice.

Regulations & Insurance

Go Drone! is considered a commercial deployment of drone operations so the customers should be aware of and compliant to the laws such as by FAA or their local governments. During initial planning, we will help to suggest the Go Drone! customer how to apply for the permits if required.

Go Drone! customers are also advised to purchase insurance appropriately for running the commercial drone operations according to the local laws and policies. While we can help on consulting for getting the insurance, the Go Drone customers should purchase the insurance directly from an insurance agent according to the laws.

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