Drone-as-a-Service (DaaS)

Drone-as-a-Service is an innovative approach to successfully deploy B2B drones to service their customers who are likely visiting consumers who want to use drone services, e.g. to take video selfie from the air, but are either discouraged or prohibited from buying or bringing their personal drones to the premise.

With our novel solution, DaaS, the dream comes true! Now, everyone may just use the drone service while the local authority on the premise approves and provides that drone as a service, in such an easy, secure, & automated way.

Virtual Private Drone (VPD)

Virtual Private Drone (VPD)* is the core system to implement DaaS with technologies in Cloud Computing, Edge Computing & AIoT (i.e. AI + IoT).

VPD is the key technology to enable separation of "Users" and "Administrators" of a physical drone, i.e. UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle), and potentially applicable to any unmanned automated system (UAS) that is software programmable with remote control API or SDK available.

That is, multiple users can "time-share" a physical drone through DaaS using VPD, while the administrator of the physical drone manages VPD with full control and security settings.

*VPD - patent pending